Sunday, March 27, 2011

Federal election?

For the first time in a decade, I find myself completely and utterly disinterested in the federal election, mainly because it is wholly unnecessary.

The Liberals have lost the Center to the CPC and they won't gain it back unless Harper and Co make some incredible blunders in the campaign and in the next government, which the CPC will undoubtedly form, the only real question being whether or not Canadians will hand the CPC a majority.

From the Left-drifting CPC I expect the old Liberal line of big government, big spending and big tent. Come one, come all, suckle here on the polished public teat. The CPC kicked fiscal conservatism to the curb approximately five years ago and they haven't welcomed him back on the bus since, so there's no reason to assume they are going to campaign on a fiscally conservative platform, the mere mention of which would appear revolutionary in this political climate where we have a choice between big, huge and gargantuan government. I could be surprised, of course; the CPC could campaign on fiscal conservative ideals and be flat out liars, but I suspect they'll continue to tout themselves as honest big spenders brokers of the public purse. Lots of big spending and little to nothing in the way of downsizing government and reducing taxation, which go hand-in-hand, one might add.

And so it is that I will probably cast a vote for the CPC candidate in my riding only because he represents the least worse option.