Friday, May 25, 2012

Everybody Blog About Brett Kimberlain Day

The state of American justice has never troubled me as much as it has in recent days as I have digested the plight of American blogger Aaron Walker (aka “Aaron Worthing”), who has been subjected to numerous frivolous lawsuits by convicted Speedway bomber Brett Kimberlin for writing about Kimberlain's criminal past and offering "light, free legal help" to one Seth Allen, who himself was being sued by Mr. Kimberlain.

Mr. Walker seems to have incontrovertible proof that Mr. Kimberlain perjured himself, misled Maryland Courts, and attempted to frame him for a crime, and yet the Maryland Prosecutor seems to think there is little to be gained by prosecuting Mr. Kimberlain for these alleged criminal acts.

Michelle Malkin:
This is a convoluted, ongoing nightmare that combines abuse of the court system, workplace intimidation, serial invasions of privacy, perjury, and harassment of family members. [Stacy] McCain was forced to move with his family out of his house this week, and has just gotten a small taste of what Aaron and Patterico have been enduring over the past year. Aaron and his wife were fired from their jobs after their employer feared the office would be targeted next. Convicted bomber Kimberlin has filed bogus “peace orders” against Aaron, when it is the Walkers who are the victims, not the perpetrators.
You'll have to read it yourself to believe it.  

Warning: It is a l-o-n-g read; approximately 28,000 words.

Update: An interview with Stacy McCain.