Friday, December 17, 2010

Why am I doing this again?

I contribute to a political blog but a lot of the issues or topics that interest me aren't completely political in nature. I'm finding I still want to post from time to time about general goings-on in the world and elicit feedback from people who have an opinion they wish to share on such matters. Even if people don't want to comment, it's a means for me to say something when I get all torqued up.

There was a time when I blogged to gain a wider audience, but I found it took a lot of time and energy, the former which I have in limited supply. With this in mind, I can make no promise about post frequency or regularity. This blog is simply to get topics out there as they torque me up, and I really could care less if I have a following as such.

That said, I hope you enjoy some of the topics, subscribe to the RSS feed, and pop back every now and then when you are all torqued up.

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