Tuesday, May 3, 2011

CPC Majority

I am elated that the CPC has been mandated by Canadians to lead the nation for four years before returning to the polls. It speaks to trust in Stephen Harper and is a visceral acknowledgement of sound leadership in multiple minority Parliaments. Harper has earned a majority.

The CPC are now able to bring the CPC platform and most recent Budget to bear. This is good news for Canada's economy in the short term, and one hopes that four years onward we will be able to testify how Harper's government kept taxes low, supported businesses of all sizes, retracted its talons from the market and abandoned deficit spending.

As a former party member, I am looking for some real conservatism from the CPC in the next four years. No, I do not for a moment think the Harper government will tack hard-right. Their platform is very centrist and clearly reflects a party that is much more "progressive" than conservative. A majority isn't going to change that; the CPC has captured the political center and must govern close to it if they wish to retain power post 2015. Still, one can hope that a shred of conservatism remains in the party faithful somewhere and hope that amidst the "progressive" policies there may now be room for some truly conservative policies that lead Canada in a different and better direction. Time will tell.

Congratulations CPC and Stephen Harper!

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