Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Morons at Amnesty International

... doth protest too much.
A punishment in which an Iranian man was to be blinded by having acid dropped into his eyes has been postponed after international condemnation.

Majid Movahedi was convicted and sentenced for pouring a bucket of acid over Ameneh Bahrami after she rejected his marriage proposals.

The attack left her blind and severely disfigured. [...]

Among those unhappy about the prospect of Ms Bahrami exacting such a brutal revenge on her attacker was Amnesty International.

The organisation called for a stay of the sentence, which it described as ‘cruel and inhuman . . . amounting to torture’.
The judgment is not even an "eye for an eye;" it's his eyes for her total disfigurement plus blindness. A pretty just verdict if you ask me.

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