Thursday, June 23, 2011

Selective history

According to the Mi'kmaq, Governor Edward Cornwallis was a bad dude and his name should be erased from Halifax.
The Halifax Regional School Board voted unanimously Wednesday night in favour of a motion from Mi'kmaq member Kirk Arsenault to have the school renamed, citing Governor Edward Cornwallis' checkered history with the native people.

Cornwallis, the founder of Halifax, vowed to clear the peninsula of the Mi'kmaq people, ordering their killing and putting a bounty on their scalps.
Now, if you just read the reports you will have no indication of WHY Cornwallis instituted the bounty on Mi'kmaq scalps.
Raid on Dartmouth (1749)

The Mi'kmaq saw the founding of Halifax without negogiation as a violation of earlier agreements with the British. On 24 September, 1749 the Mi'kmaq formally declared their hostility to the British plans for settlement without more formal negogiations. On September 30, 1749, about forty Mi'kmaq attacked six men who were in Dartmouth cutting trees. Four of them were killed on the spot, one was taken prisoner and one escaped. Two of the men were scalped and the heads of the others were cut off. The attack was on the saw mill which was under the command of Major Gilman. Six of his men had been sent to cut wood. Four were killed and one was carried off. The other excaped and gave the alarm. A detachment of rangers was sent after the raiding party and cut off the heads of two Mi'kmaq and scapled one.

The result of the raid, on October 2, 1749, Cornwallis offered a bounty on the head of every Mi'kmaq. He set the amount at the same rate that the Mi'kmaq received from the French for British scalps.   - History of Dartmouth
Ah, history. Too bad that, in our politically correct environment, historical facts are meaningless when privileged minority groups are aggrieved by events that occurred nearly three centuries ago.

And French money for British scalps. Somehow Kirk Arsenault isn't aggrieved over that.

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