Thursday, July 21, 2011

Die, GR! Die!

At long last, the CPC will kill the long-gun registry.
The Conservative government will introduce legislation in the fall to scrap the long-gun registry, this time using its parliamentary majority to back it up.
In other news, many Quebeckers remain as deluded about the GR as ever.
Bruce Hicks, a political scientist at the University of Montreal, said the NDP’s large Quebec base is pushing the party to be firmer in its support for gun control.

He said support for gun control is higher in Quebec than in any other province, in part because two massacres — the Ecole Polytechnique and Dawson College shootings — occurred there.

“Now that their caucus is so overwhelmingly populated by Quebec members, I tend to think this will decide the issue for them,” Hicks said. “They have too much to lose by not being strong on the long-gun registry.”

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